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2010 - 2011 PDM Workgroup vault question.

Question asked by David Denwalt on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by David Denwalt

I am using PDM Workgroup on a 2010 sp3 install. Is it possible to have duplicate vaults, One for 2010, and one for 2011? Our server runs on MS server 2008 and I have a fully established vault for SW 2010 sp3. I intend on installing SW 2011 as a separate install on my machine. I have run 2 or 3 separate SW installs in the past, Just for helping clients that do not change SW release every year. I have never tried creating a extra vault for a different Sw release. Can the server run two different releases of the server side of the install?


Thanks for any help on this,