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    Trouble Copying views from one sheet to another in the same drawing

    Mike Roberts

      Im currently on SW 2011 & have a Drawing Sheet  (A)  that contains 2 views


      Ive opened another sheet (B)  in the same drawing & I need to copy the same 2 views onto the new sheet but I cant seem to be able to do it

      In 2010 the process I used was to click on Sheet A, highlight the views I wanted to copy (either in the tree or click on the views on the sheet),then use Edit -> Copy,  then click onto the new sheet,  & use Edit -> Paste and all was well


      When I try to do this in 2011 I get the message saying ‘ the item on the clipboard cannot be pasted here’ - any reason why?


      item cannot be pasted.PNG




      Any suggestions would be great