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Ghost SolidWorks Files when using EPDM... scary!

Question asked by Emir Heco on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2011 by Frank Krockenberger

We are currently using SW 2010 SP4.0 and are about to implement the SW EPDM system. I came across a very funky bug which leaves ghost files around when you are all done. For example...  Create a couple of parts and an assembly, then make a drawing of that assembly. Check all the files in after you are done and close all the file windows open in solidworks. Everything is dandy and no issues right.... wrong! When you go to close solidworks it ask you if you would like to save files (what files I just checked them in and closed all file windows). Well it just so happens that there are duplicates of all the files you created with generic names like model1 that hang out to chit chat, but are not visible within solidworks windowpane. If you hover over the icon in your task bar (windows 7) the files will appear and when you click them they will come to life in the solidworks window.


It's not that this makes EPDM unusable, you just say no I don't want to save these ghost files and everything is happy. However, it is very annoying and confusing.


Can anyone please shed any light on this situation? There must be a way around this, because I don't know how people would put up with this funky bug.


Thanks in advance for any help!