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Asterisk (*) in Balloons

Question asked by Chris Henkhaus on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by Matthew Lorono



I have an assembly that has one subassembly that will not call out the correct number from the BOM. The view is linked to the BOM and all the other parts are ballooned correctly. This subassembly is a rail system composed of 3 parts and it has 3 configurations (Fully Extended, Fully Retracted & Half Extended). In one view the slide is in the "Fully Retracted" configuration and a balloon will call out the correct BOM number. In another view that has the slide in the "Fully Extended" configuration the balloon comes up as an asterisk ( * ).


Here's the oddl thing about this slide. It slide is used in two different assemblies (A & B). In the original assembly (A) there are no problems with the balloons in either the "Fully Extended" or "Fully Retracted" configurations, but then the original assembly was saved out as the new assembly (B). In assembly B is where the problem exists. Could something have happened that caused a disconnect when assembly A was saved out to create assembly B?


Thanks in advance!