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File Version Upgrade

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by Jim Sculley

I've been using the EPDM File Version Upgrade Utility and haven't had much luck.  Intermittent hangs and such have made a mess of things.  Originally I had split the workload into two chunks, but after having to start over twice, I decided to subdivide the work into 10 chunks and have had much better results.  I have been using 3 different machines to process the 10 .wrkins files. Two are in my office and the third is a conference room machine this isn't used much.  I remoted into this machine and it was happily processing files until someone in a meeting logged into the machine, ignoring the message that I was logged in and thus booted me off, killing the processing of that particular .wrkins file.  After the other user had finished with the machine I remoted into it again and tried to restart the processing.  However, the option to restart was greyed out, and the .wrkins file the machine had ben working on no longer shows up in the list of available files to process.  At this point I'm stuck.  I'm assuming there is a flag in the registry or text file that will allow me to start over on this .wrkins file, but I have not ben able to find it.


Jim S.