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PDM Workgroup Does not Display File

Question asked by Tom Strohscher on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by Kenneth Barrentine

We've been using workgroup pdm for 5 years now.  We are currently on 2010.


We have a problem that has occured twice in 2010.


A model and it's drawing is checked into dpm and it will not display in the vault.  You can not search for it either.  If you release ownership of the file it becomes read only for the copy that's open in memory.


If we include the part in an assembly and check the assembly into the vault a short cut file will show up for the part if it's in a different project folder.  If the assembly is in the same project folder and the part was first checked into the part will not show under the assembly.


Moving the assembly to another folder will show shortcuts to the part model and it's drawing.  We can then take ownership of the files and move them to a different project folder.  The none short cut record can be found by searching and by browsing.  If the files are moved to the original project folder they again disapear.


This has happened twice that we know of.  Has anyone seen anything similar or know what might be happening?


Is there a why to count the files in the vault?  How do you know when the vault is too big and when we should move to another software?