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Verifying K-factor from gauge table

Question asked by Gordon Kistler on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2011 by Gordon Kistler

I have a gauge table that provides the K-factor for various combinations of material, thickness, bend radius, etc.  I created a sheet metal part, select "Use gague table", and then selected the table from the pull-down menu.  Below that in the Bend Allowance section I select "Gauge Table" from the pull-down menu.  The box immediately below the pull-down just shows "Gauge Table Values".  I would like to be able to verify in the model the actual K-factor value that is being pulled in from the table for that part.  When I was just entering the K-factor directly in the part file it was (obviously) easy to see the value.  Is there a way to verify the K-factor value now that I'm using the table?