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    Assigning a variable.

    Stephan Hess

      Can you assign a variable to a file without disaplaying the value for that variable on the data card?  For instance, if you were trying to set up transitions in your workflow with conditions, you might have a variable that could be set to "yes" or "no" and then further along in the workflow, conditions in a transition could allow the file to pass or not.  That "yes" or "no" value may not be something you would want shown on the data card.  It's only to make the workflow function.  I found that if you hide those fields on the card with control logic, it works, but I was wondering if there was a way to assign that value without it being on the card at all.





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          Wayne Matus

          You do have to have a variable on the data card to capture the value for the file, but you can hide the control so that users do not see it. Select the control on the data card in the data card editor. From the Control pulldown menu select Control Logic. Then add a Hide action with a condition that is always met.

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              Stephan Hess

              I have been using the method you describe and it works great.  I was wondering if there was a way to do it without having to do that step.  Looks like hiding the fields with control logic is the only way to go.


              Thanks for the response.

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                  Jim Sculley

                  I have fields like this on my file cards.  I want to be able to see the values as admin for debugging purposes and such but hide them for users.  To do this I use a tab control that is controlled by a variable and set the variable to <Name of group>.  I added two tabs: one with a blank name and one with the name 'Vault Admins' which matches the group name for my vault administrators.  On this tab I put all the admin related controls/variables.


                  Here's a  picture:




                  Jim S.