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Student build - Q: will this cheap hardware work?

Question asked by Thijmen P on Apr 6, 2011
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Since I'm an industrial design student my school lets me use a student’s version of SolidWorks at home. Now I cannot afford a proper workstation so I'm trying to find out if the computer I'm looking into is capable enough to handle SolidWorks.


I'm not a very heavy user (my designs are not very big/with lots of parts/very detailed), and I will not expect superb performance but I really want to use SW at home so I can do my homework there (which is mostly getting to learn the program).


So this is the set I am looking into:

MSI H61M-E33 Motherboard

Intel Core i5 2300 (Changed to i5 2400 - 3.1ghz)

4gb 1333ghz memory (Changed to 8gb 1333ghz DDR3)

Intel 64gb SSD

Onboard VGA

Win 7 x64


If needed, I do have access to an old Quadro NVS graphical card and 6gb of memory, but this is kind of inconvenient.


My theory is, since a lot of students manage to run SW on their laptops, this setup will probably be powerfull enough to handle the program.


In short:

Will this listed set of hardware be sufficient enough to run SW?