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    New Dell Precision T1600 available

    Pete Yodis

      Wanted to let folks know the Dell Precision T1600 is now available.  (http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/precision-t1600/fs)


      I looked at the processor choices and I am not sure how they stack up.  The Xeons are the E3-12XX series and the Core processor choices are the Core i3 21XX series.  From the little I know about the latest processors, these don't seem like a great set of choices.  Any thoughts?



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          Pete Yodis

          Looks like the processors are a good set of choices.  The Xeon E3-1270 is roughly equivalent to the i7-2600.  The Xeon E3-1270 is looking to me to be the best bang for the buck for Solidworks on the T1600.




          Dell also offers an SSD option.  Its pricey and on the larger side for an SSD (256GB).  Can anyone comment on this SSD?

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              Charles Culp



              I am getting this system here soon. Going through final approval now, and I know they will be ordering at least a few immediately, including one for me. I will provide a full summary as soon as I can. In the mean time I discuss it in this thread:




              #Edit: Also, we are getting the SSD.

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                  Pete Yodis

                  Thanks Charles.  I read through your other posts on the systems and the graphics options.  I will post in this thread since the others are getting crowded.  I also put in for an SSD - we'll see what IT says.  They really gouge on the SSD option.  I wonder if it is 6GB/s capable and the motherboard as well.  Even though they gouge, its going to be worth it as this workstation will be used for FEA quite heavily.  The SSD should lead to reduced solve times as we often end up with writing 10+ GB to the disc during a simulation.  Also, I put in for the nVidia Qaudro 600, as others mentioned it was the only decent choice when starting from higher end configurations of the T1600. The other difference between your system and ours is that I am electing to go with the E3-1270, since it offers really good performance relative to the E3-1280 at a lot lower price.  I don't think the small performance enhancement justifies the big price increase.  I would rather spend that money on an SSD that will deliver more bang for the buck.  My configured price was around $2,600.  IT will get a discount through their account.  We could save some by upgrading the memory outside of Dell (another area they gouge), but it is the whole warranty issue again.  Last time we looked at a T3500, Dell offered the memory upgrade from 4 to 8GB at no addittional charge - in addittion to our accocunt pricing.


                  Thanks again for the information Charles,