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    Multi Leader Chamfers

    Brad Joseph

      Is there a way to either have multi leaders to a chamfer callout dimension or for it to automatically update the number of chamfers? I know i can use notes and add leaders that way. But it doesnt seem like a can dimenions a chamfer then add in more lines to the appropriate ones. It looks like under Tools > Options > Document Properties > DimXpert there is a chamfer option for Typ, Instance Count, none... but it doesnt seem to do anything. Any ideas?

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          Charles Culp



          It will not automatically give numbers of instances. 5X.125 etc.


          You can CTRL+drag the point to create an additional leader from an existing leader point. Then you can just drag the new point to each instance of the chamfer.

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            John Ehrhardt

            Ctl drag is clever, not obvious, & incomplete.


            The added leader that is created is only straight.  A jogged leader is very very often required to reach around things.

            Multijog leader creation will not associate with a radius or chamfer dimension as done in other CAD.

            (It does associate with text, in unpredictable ways, if you can find the yellow text grip on a white background.)

            Insert jog point works only on multojog leaders.


            Help and reseller support (try the property manager, select leader tab, look for an option IF it is available) have been investigated.

            Further scanning these discussions reveals that this has not been supported, requiring a text note with an embedded dimension as workaround.

            Does anyone have a tip?

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              John Ehrhardt

              Kelvin's advice has helped guide me through the Solidworks obfuscation!

              (*+!@# drawing environment is difficult and lacks documentation)


              When a leader dimension is created or delt with (chamfer or fillet), one must:

              1. select the leaders tab of the Dimension Property Manager

              2. find and enable multijog leader option, a glyph  (leader does not change)

              3. OK the dimension

              4. menu pick a dimension leader (preferribly near the desired bend)

              5. select add jog point in flyout list

              6. position the jog point


              Again, thanks to all who help.



              Update 13:00

              The above procedure works for leader dims on model edges in drawing.


              The above will NOT work for leader dim on sketched lines in drawing.

              There is no button to enable a jogged option in the leader tab.


              This further restricts my ability to use Solidworks for 2D work!

              (I reported that center marks will prevent circle position editing in 2D environment. No one knew.)