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Login problems pdm workgroup

Question asked by Derek Bishop on Apr 5, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2011 by Derek Bishop

I reinstalled pdm workgroup. The server and SW run off a local machine. When I came to login after the installation I got an error message telling me that I've got the wrong vault computer name or the service isn't running or something along those lines. I've checked and rechecked the service and computer name. Both are correct. I did a repair on the server installation and reinstalled the server. I delected the vault and recopied it across from the back up. I was unable to login into the vault using pdmwadmin and localhost.


I made a bit of a mess of the initial SW installation for various reasons and this was the last straw. I've now wiped everything off the computer - again - and am in the process of reinstalling the software. Not sure what is going to happen about the Vault login and could not find much on this in searching the forums. Any ideas? I'm running SW 2010 SP5.0 and Windows 7.