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    Suppressed holes show in drawing

    robert dattilo



          I had a situation where I surpressed some instances of holes, but they stayed in the associated drawing. The dimension did turn that odder green, but remained going to the holes, & the drawing still showed the suppressed holes. At any rate this could of been a bigger problem if I hadn't caught it. Just wondering who's possibly run into this and how you dealt with it. I did manage to get them off with a hide/show hidden edges, that was availble, but I thought that would of dealt with edges that where actually in the drawing, & you hide them, not supressed holes.


      Thks in advance for any insight;



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          Scott McFadden


          I am assuming that the dimensions that changed to the greenish color you speak

          of are called dangling dimensions.  If you look this up in the  help file you will see what I

          am talking about.

          What I suspect has happened with your drawing is possibly one of 2 things.


          1.) you have a configuration in your model and the wrong one is displayed

          in your drawing.



          2.) you hide the hole feature and thought you suppressed them.  If they are just hidden in the

          model they will still show up in your drawing.

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              robert dattilo

              Hello Scott;


                   Well not really; no configurations in that model or assy. Also, the way I made the holes go away, if you would, was, simply chose some middle instances of a pattern of three; & picked instances to skip in the pattern dialogue box, in the part model. So they were not showing and surpressed in the model, & at the same time still showed in the drawing.

                   One thing that was strange also, which may add something, is I also made additional smaller unit, of the entire assy., with a pack & go. In that version, the holes didn't show up in the drawing? Like I said in the earlier post, in the first unit, I was able to get rid of the holes in the drawing, by stumbling onto the hide/show hidden edges, & that was enough to get rid of them, but didn't make sense to me. I thought there might be some setting or something that I might have accidentally hit, which shows suppressed items. If so, you'd have to be really careful with that. 


              Thks, again for input;


              Rob_D (SW, prem 2010, sp4)

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                  Don Ankney

                  I dunno~ if this will work for your problem, but when my drawings don't seem to show the correct info as per some changes I had just made to a model, I hit "CTRL+Q" while viewing the drawing, and it usually updates the drawing as per the model changes....

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                    Jeremy Feist

                    with a pack and go in the mix, I would double check what part the drawing files are referencing (file ->find references) and pay attention to the path as well as the file name. - only have one drawing open at a time while checking these, as SW will use files in RAM first, and not bother to open the file listed in the drawing.

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                      Scott McFadden

                      Hi Robert,

                      No that absolutely does not make any sense.  Even with the patterened

                      holes.  Almost like something went wrong in the pack and go, but even that

                      shouldn't have done what you are describing.

                      Any change of posting some images?

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                          robert dattilo

                          Hello again;


                               Well it's sound like a fluek of some kind. I didn't mean to get off the point with the pack in go. This happened before I did the pack in go; when I did the pack in go that drawing was ok, that's why I mentioned it. It was already corrected in the new design with the pack & go.

                              I can't get the holes to show when I use the command that I did to get them to not show, the hide/show edges; so I don't think I can doing any image posting.

                              Oddly the holes do show upon opening the drawing for a second, even though the drawing has been saved a few times sense they were there, but then they quickly disappear, when the drawing actually settles in.