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Question asked by Eric Stocker on Apr 5, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2011 by Eric Stocker

Hi All,


I am wondering if anyone has come across this before.


We are using Terminal Services for our viewer users to connect to our EPDM Vault, so there could be a couple of people accessing files at the same time.  The users use the windows explorer embedded eDrawings for measuring dimensions and occasionally printing drawing copies.


Under these circumstances, if I can view a drawing one day on the viewing server.  Then make some changes using a CAD machine, however the original drawing is still stored on the viewing client.  If i view that drawing again, there is an icon under version that states "You do not have the latest version of this file on your local hard disk."  I can easily view/print the old version using eDrawings if i miss that icon.  The only way to get the latest would be to do this manually.


Is it possible to be 100% confident that, when viewed through Windows Explorer eDrawings, the file is the latest version?


Has anyone found a solution to this?