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Question asked by Do Brach on Apr 4, 2011
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Hello Again


I had this problem awhile now.  Our company had us do a Pack & Go  whenever going from one revision to the next.  The way I did it- is to go to Drawing, attached prefix or suffix to the drawing title/click inside the Pack and Go window/ window will turn green;  the whole parts will come along with the new Revision and the associative between parts are broken.


My question is, when I do a Pack and Go a drawing, for example from D-22-058-22236-A to revision B ---> D-22-058-22236-B; the newly save file with its' parts will have suffix as D-22-058-22236-A-B-...etc.  Is there a way to rename a drawing file and its' parts to just D-22-058-22236-B., normally we used the same parts to make our assembly and parts have a long name which take alot of space and awkward to read. Is there a way to rename  those files during Pack and Go?


I hope you understand what I mean.  Please see attachment...


Thanks Again