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    3d mouse

      You want the file "3DxSoftware_v2-8-2.exe", or similar get it from http://www.3dconnexion.com/support/4a1.php, just select your mouse version and OS, and go for it.
      It should self set up on SW, as an addin, but with its own menu item.

      They are great, I have extended my working life by 10 years using this, because using just a mouse was causing serious problems with my right wrist
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          Is it possible to set the 3DConnexion devices to rotate, pan and zoom just as you would do with the wheel button on the mouse? I have seen comments on rotation style (center of rotation etc.) being different and hard to customise. I'm planning to buy a Spacepilot I just wanted to be sure before I purchased - Thanks
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            If you've installed the windows and SW addin drivers correctly it should fire up when you start SW. If not check the addins for SW and make sure you have the the motion controller checked/enabled.
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              I've picked up a 3dconnexion mouse.
              It's USB and plug and play and I have calibrated it but it doesn't run in solidwork.
              I know I'm just missing a switch somewhere?
              Can anyone help me out?