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Confusion with PV360 Decal - Decal Mask properties

Question asked by Jonathan Ridley on Apr 4, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by Dexter Stoltz

So learning from past experience I have waited to upgrade to SW 2011 until SP3. I do like the predefined decal illumination options that are in PhotoWorks(Matte, Constant, Plastic, etc.) Any chance someone could post a list of what the settings are for PV so I can obtain the same result as PhotoWorks?


I also do not get a good result when I use the image mask options. In the past when I want just white text I would use a jpeg with white text on black and then use the same image as a mask. Now what I get is washed out white text and the black area now goes to gray. PNG files do not look right also. They come over as shades of gray when they are supposed to just be white text.


Any help with this is appreciated.