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    EPDM/Solidworks File locations

    Simon Schuck

      Hi all...


      Just a question more so than a problem but I would like to know what the general concencus is. Say you have a project "1" which consists of x amount of parts. And then you have a second/third/fourth project which all contain a part which is in project 1. Do you reference the part in project 1 or do you have that part moved to a central location and then reference that 1 part to all 4 projects?


      Not being a Solidworks user I had this discussion with someone who does use Solidworks and Im curious to the opinion of others.



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          Corey Vantilborg



              There is no simple answer to this.  Generally speaking Solidworks has no issues references multiple file locations, in an ideal world it would not matter where you put files. However in most companies things are rarely that simple.


              If you are starting from scratch I would recommend storing files by some sort of index, not by project unless you know for certain they will never be used in other places.


              For example store file 56789B in a folder call 56000B.  That way everyone always knows where to find 56789B. 


              You can then use searches and datacard variables to organize your files however you want.


               Storing project seems to make sense when you start out but it quickly becomes hard to manage, because its difficult to determine which file is stored in which project.


              My final piece of advice is to not share files.


          Corey V

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              Simon Schuck

              Thanks Corey,


              As I say its something I was discussing with another member of staff. It didnt make sense to me "practically" to reference files from one project to another. Not to say its wrong it just doesnt make sense. Is say the location where the reference part changed the folder name - would this effect referenced parts in other projects?


              When you say not to share files - would you copy the part which you wish to use in another project to that project location?


              Again, its just something I want to have clear in my head. Also when discussing it with mechanical engineers / solidworks users, they have a lot more experience of the software/way things work that I do so I kind of want to know what I am talking about before challenging thier opinion.