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    Dimension Formats/Styles

    Chris Bray

      I am trying to dimension a "simple" part.


      Some of my dims show up looking like this  10"


      Some of them look like this    10.000


      On the same part and in the same view. And I haven't changed any setting between making one dim to the next. I am trying to get ALL of the dimensions to display in fractional inches with the inch "tick" marks behind the number.


      Any ideas about what is causing this? Any ideas how to fix it?


      dim headache.PNG

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          Wayne Tiffany

          Here's my guess.  You have the drawing set to Ft-In but not forcing a roundoff.  (This is the way I set mine, although I would prefer decimal all the time, but fractions are the "std" here.)  The dims that show as " dims are exactly that.  The ones that show the decimal are not exactly that (may be 25.0001), or the dim does not match a fractional value of the denominator that you have set, such as 16 or 32.  The reason I like it that way is because when I place the dims on the drawing, I am alerted to the ones that are not designed to a fractional value, and then I have the opportunity to decide what to do with them.  I may go back to the geometry and change things such that they are an even fractional value, I may decide that forcing them to round off to a 32nd is fine, or I may leave them a decimal because that's what I really want.  Whatever the outcome, I get dims set to fractions for the shop where it doesn't matter, and I keep the decimal ones where it does matter.



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              Chris Bray



              I ended up using the Overide to force these to fractional and to round to a specific denominator. Then they show up looking correct.


              I was hoping there was a way that didn't involve using the Dim Overide. But the way you describe using this "feature" to check design intent does have its benefits.