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    Richard Hall

      I have a word doc extension .docm which has a small exclimation point on the lower right like the shared "+" icon.  What does this mean?  If someone from SW reads this, why can't you put a table of icons in the help file  so that when you search "icon" this table comes up.


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          Faur Arama


          It is not about SW. Exclamation sign it means that the office 2007 document is macro enabled.

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              Tony Wu
              This is "Sharing Files"
              Shared files exist in two or more folders concurrently. Shared files are marked with a yellow plus sign in the icon in the Explorer view. For example,

              Checking out a shared file from any location checks out all instances and checking in the file saves modifications to the vault and to all instances of the file. Only one user at a time can check out a shared file.

              If the source file being shared is checked out, the new instance remains checked out and in the same state as the original.

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