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Glass appearance not as expected

Question asked by Ed Hawkins on Apr 1, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2011 by Ron Bates

In previous version of PV360 (i.e 2010) I have had great success with glass appearances and adjusting the levels on them. However, I have noticed in the newer version that there seems to be some issues.


The example I have put below is a watch, with a glass screen set about 1-2mm from the dial face. It seems that when anything with a glass appearance is set close to another part, that a "mottled" appearance results. This does seem to be the glass that is causing the problem, as if you remove the glass from the render, the underlying appearance renders normal.


I have spent a fair amount fo time adjusting the settings within the glass appearance, and even tried loading in a saved glass from a previous version. It makes no difference. The effect is reduced if you alter the distance between the two objects.

I wonder, has anybody else witnessed this at all. Example below:

watch face.JPG I'm hoping the problem comes across on this image, the easiest way I can describe this is that it sort of looks like a cloud type "texture" is appearing on the watch face. You can see it a bit more on the yellow dial. If the glass is removed, this effect does not happen.


has anybody got any ideas as to what is causing this?


Cheers, Ed