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Question asked by Mauricio Martinez-Saez on Mar 31, 2011

If you have experienced problems with the ENVIDIA QUADRO FX 5800, such as blue screens, and crashes, or problems booting up the computer after a blue screen or crash, those can be caused by overheating of the FX5800,  the solution:


Get the last NVIDIA driver (do not worry it will work perfect with SolidWorks, even when SW do not say it is a certified driver) and the NVIDIA System Manager 6.06 software, then use the NVIDIA Control Panel (which will show the System Manager functions) and create a policy for the fan to work on a speed ramp related to GPU temperature (from 15% at 10C to 100% at 70C) this will keep your GPU's working under 55C (you can monitor this with NVIDIA Performance (part of the NVIDIA System Manager 6.06).


This will also eliminate potential overheating and subsequential damage of the Video Card (which cost over US$3,000.00).


The reason for this is that the NVIDIA Driver automatic fan speed control is not working as good as it need and if your card GPU get hot for external reasons (such as high ambient temperature inside the computer cabinet created by other components, and not due to GPU load), the driver will not accelerate the fan.


We experienced this problem and loss a couple of video cards, before we found this solution, since then everything is cool... particularly the GPU's.