Discussion created by Guest on Nov 23, 2006
From the SolidWorks Help files:

"To access SolidWorks Toolbox contents, you must install and add in the SolidWorks Toolbox and SolidWorks Toolbox Browser"

Look at Tools > Add-ins and make sure the Toolbox add-ins are checked.

Also make sure the path to the Toolbox location is correct, Tools > Options > System Options > Hole Wizard/Toolbox.


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on 2006 23 19:36 angle wrote:
> Thanks Anna Wood.
> But I still can't find the toolbox in the right side pane. It said that I haven't
> installed the toolbox, in fact , I did.
> In the menu of toolbox, there are only cam, bearing, steel.... ,but there is not bolt,
> what's wrong?