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annotation Solidworks problem

Question asked by Mike Lydon on Mar 30, 2011

I guess the post asking for SW annotation problems must have got too long, but I would like to add another...WELD SYMBOLS.

Weld symbols are not close to being right. See attached. Note that these symbols are just representative, not actual welds to be applied in this drawing. The weld size is too low in the symbol and the TYP note is too far away from the tail. There is no way to take control and move these annotations to the correct position (I could be wrong). Why can't this be right? Did the programmers all leave early that day and forget to finish? Is it too much to ask that there be at least ONE drafter on the programming staff? Oh, and not to change the subject, but what the heck is this???? It pops ups all the time if I am trying to add an attachment to a post. And not just once, it just keeps stacking up everytime I hit close. It drives me crazy (granted, it is a short trip).


Mike Lydon