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Difference in Circular and Normal Symmetry

Question asked by Won Lek Chua on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by Paul Kellner

Hi guys,


I have a cylinder type of model (similar to a pipeline). I have cut into a 1/12th portion of the circular along the centre line of the cylinder.


When I had my training on Simulation, I have been told to use circular symmetry on this kind of cylindrical shape problem.


However, recently i found out that we can apply normal symmetry too on both faces.


Can I know what are the differences between circular and normal symmetry and why am I allow to use normal symmetry (in my example)?

I can post a picture of my example if needed.


Further more, I realised for the same problem, normal symmetry used 6 minutes to solve, but circular symmetry use up to more than 2 hours (maybe more, and maybe crash the STAR Solver).