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    Problem opening IGS files

    Robert Stemen

      I'm having a problem opening some IGS files I just received.  I have SW2010 Standard.



      Here's what happens...


      I open it and I get the "The default templates are not valid...  ...do you want to continue with a blank template?"


      I click "OK" and it opens but there is nothing showing.   All the parts are listed in the assembly tree but each part is empty.  It just shows a bunch of origins floating in space.


      I have opened IGS files in the past and it has worked.  I also opened a single part in IGS format that I received in this same lot and it also worked.  Any ideas why the assembly IGS isn't working?






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          Hi Robert,


          Sound like you have two unrelated problems. The first: do you also have 2011 installed?  If so your 2010 version is getting a bit confused and does not have a standard template for it's version - this is not a problem though because SW will load a default template anyway. The second problem is more concerning - this has nothing to do witht the template issue I'm afraid. I would check with the source of where you got the IGES file because it sounds like it wasn't exported correctly. Also check the "options" button in the windows open file dialog to make sure that you're bring in the IGES with the right options.



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            Jakob Steinicke

            Sounds like a defect IGES file.


            Try to open the IGES file in notepad and check the source CAD system. In my experience some people use IGES per default when exchanging data, even if a better option is available. Knowing the source of the IGES file makes it possible to select the best exchange format.