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Restrains for a Pinned - Pinned Buckling Analysis

Question asked by Samuel Schweighart on Mar 29, 2011
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Hi all,


I'm trying to set up a simplified pinned-pinned buckling analysis in COSMOS Simulation.


I have a simple rectangular bar with a hole for a hinge pin on each end.  I put a fixed hinge constraint on one hole, and I put a bearing load on the other hole. (I also put a roller slider constraint on one side of the bar so it doesn't move in the axial direction.)   I can't figure out how to constain the second hole (bearing load) so that it only moves in the direction of the applied load.


I just want to do a simple pinned-pinned analysis.buckling.JPG


I've tried an advance constraint on the second hole, so that it only moves in the drection of the first hole, but it also prevents the hole from rotating, so you end up with a fixed - pinned constraint.