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SolidWorks locks up intermittently while in RealView mode

Question asked by Mark Troutner on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2011 by Mark Troutner

My SolidWorks locks up often (about 50% of the time) if I switch to RealView. The lockup only happens while in RealView. I've reinstallaed SolidWorks, removed and reinstalled the video driver multiple times. I do use 2 monitors of different resolutions, so I turned off the second monitor using the Nvidia control panel as well and I still have SolidWorks lockup issues. I'm using an Nvidia FX1800 card and the latest driver from the SolidWorks website.

I've tried to run SolidWorks Rx when SolidWorks locks up and Rx will not complete it's gathering of system information, so it fails as well (see attached jpg). I have no other issues with the computer - everthing else runs fine.

I've had this problem for months, probably over a year. The problem seems to come and go, but it's been quite consistent over the last several months.

Any ideas?