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    More weird behavior seen in notes properties

    Abishek Hariharan


      Since my question yesterday about automatic note stacking (whew...!) which I just have a work around for, I came across another weird behavior today. Not sure if this is something related to my settings or the notes properties itself.


      I created notes with tight fit circular borders, and when I select more than one and right click, I see a property called "group" which behaves similar to the group property in powerpoint. However I dont see this consistently every time.


      I tried deleting notes and recreating them, and it is acting up. I see it one time and I dont see it another time. I have taken screen shots to convince myself that I was not dreaming.


      Anyone seen this before?




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          Craig Siebert

          Group is when you "group" items together in a drawing.

          You can group things together like notes to dims, or custom symblols to notes or dims and so on.

          You probably have more than one item highlighted or selected when you right click.

          I tested it and it will only appear when more than two items are selected in a drawing.

          So the group that you are seeing is just a command to group things together in a drawing.

          You "ungroup" in the same manner, select a "grouped" set of items and then right click to select "Ungroup".

          Hope this helps.

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            Erik Bilello



            I don't use group a lot, but I think that all anotations and dimensions you want to group need to belong to the same drawing view.  Since notes and dimensions move when the view they're attached to moves, you can see that trying to group things from different views wouldn't work to well,  So, selecting items that are from different views will not give you the group option (or it shows up but is greyed out, I don't recall). You may be able to goup anotations that are independent of a veiw with dim's and/or note attached to a view but I don't remember trying that myself, or what the results were if I did.  If you don't get the group option when you think you should, make sure that avery thing is infact attached to the same view.  On a busy drawing it's easy to place a note, only to find it's attached to a different view than the one you wanted.

            You might also see odd behavior if you have notes (e.g. rev' letters) grouped with dimensions that are aligned to other dimensions. I think this is a bug that has been reported.