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Error accessing xxx-yyyyy.sldasm could not save.

Question asked by george trott on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by george trott

Ok I seem to have the dumbest stuff happen to me ever. About 3 times a week I have this happen to me. I will be going along minding my business working saving, working saving and then working and try to save but an error happens saying could not access one of the sub-assemblies I am working on and could not save. All the parts in the tree will go away and will not be able to click on the parts on screen. I have tried to do a save as and or a pack and go when this error happens to maybe rename the assembly, but this does not work. I cannot tell if it has anything to do with virtual parts or not but I just recently started using virtual parts about 6 weeks ago and this problem started about 4 weeks ago. So I do not know if the two are related. I don’t know when this is going to happen so I cannot recreate the problem or capture it. I am currently running Solidworks 2010 x64 sp4.0, Dell Precision T5500 12GB, x64. Please help