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A Quick UI Question - Default tab in the Command Manager

Question asked by Christopher Drew on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2011 by John Sweeney

Hi everyone,


After recently getting my company to purchase solidworks and jumping into 2011 I've found a couple of little things in the UI bothering me as the last version I used back at university was 2008. I was wondering if there was a quick solution to my problem.


The issue involves the default displayed tabs in the command manager. Previously I found after performing a feature such as an extrusion, creating the sketch and finalising the feature itself the command manager would revert back to the features tab once the process was finished. Now I find it remains in the sketch tab after the feature has been finished. Is there a way to set the feature tab as the default so it will always revert back to features after completing the previous feature and associated sketch?


While not a major concern it is just an issue affecting the flow of working, having the switch back as I tend to work straight from the features tab more than I do the sketch tab.