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Solidworks to Autocad

Question asked by Stuart Coutts on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2011 by Shaun Clough

I have both AutoCAD and Solidworks installed...


When I installed SW a SW toolbar appeared in AutoCAD with two buttons on it... 'View Palette' and 'Update Views'.


It appears to have the ability of selecting an SW part or assembly file and then import it into AutoCAD but remain connected to the original SW file. Therefore if the model is modified in SW the views in AutoCAD can be updated using the 'Update Views' button.


Unfortunately it doesnt seem to work.


When I click on the 'View Palette' button a side bar pops up with selection options for the model and the config but when I select eigther a part or assembly file an error message box appears stating...


     Failed to launch Solidworks.

     Please try to close some applications and try again.


Ive tried it with SW loaded but with no model loaded, SW loaded with the model loaded and SW not loaded at all. All produce the same result.


Does anyone have any insight into this issue?