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Temperature results mismatch

Question asked by Chris Michalski on Mar 28, 2011

I know that Flow interpolates results based on the location relative to the nodes it solved in order to plot the temperature at a given location, however....  Has anyone ever compared the data from various output formats? (Cut Plot vs Probe vs XY Plot)


I have a long narrow applicator slot flowing a mixture of process gasses (think CVD).  I've modeled the temperatures and flows for the system and when I generate an XY plot along a line and compare that to the Probe data and the cut plot data something doesn't line up.


In the attached pictures:

temp mismatch1 - a close up of the center temperature showing that the colors don't correlate to the probe information (probe says 899 but color is obviously over 908C) (graphical region is truncated so lower edge is coincident with XY plot sketch line)

temp mismatch2 - the Excel plot of XY data along the opening (same plane as the color plots)

temp mismatch3 - expanded view of #1 to show the entire slot (general trend matches XY plot)


I can't increase mesh refinement to get finer resolution, I'm already maxed out in this local mesh so I'd have to reduce the overall mesh spacing (already 1.4M cells and ~24hr solve time)


Once again I've taken for granted that Flow data is  consistent, but when I added the XY plot to quantify variation I've  realized that 3 options for the same data give me 3 different answers.  I  realize it's only 2% deviation, but in looking at the same data that seems  excessive, especially when the XY plot is so smooth.  I'd ignore the color difference if the Probe and XY plot gave the same answer, pretty pictures and actual data aren't necessarily related.