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"View Document as PDF" problem

Question asked by George Maddever on Mar 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2011 by George Maddever

Hi All,


Currently setting up a Workgroup PDM system here at our company and I'm having a bit of a problem on my workstation. When I right-click on the "View Document as PDF" in the vault view, absolutely nothing happens. No action, no error message, no nothing.


Confusingly, on a couple of other workstations in my office, this command works just fine.


Also, on using the task scheculer to export PDF files from the vault, I get macro failure errors whereas on the other workstations they work fine.


I've tried repairing SolidWorks, I've also tried clean installs and still come up with the same errors.


Is there anything external that's worth trying before admitting defeat or reinstalling windows altogether?