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Sketch - Smooth out a curve

Question asked by James Willson on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2011 by Charles Culp



This is an odd request so i hope im able to explain it. I have been given a solidworks file of a companies logo. However, the curves have been made out of simple straight lines of about 5mm length. At a distance it is fine but on close inspection you can see each straight line used to make up the curve.


I would like make this "blocky" curve, into a smooth one. It is almost as if the straight lines need to be replaced with splines, or just many more straight lines to make up the curve, it make it apprear more smooth.


The kicker is that there is litterally hunderes of these and I would really like a function in solidworks which would make it automatic, rather than me going through and doing each one. Something like a "smooth" function or a "increase line resolution" function.


Is there such thing? Google didnt turn up any results so I dont have high hopes.