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    Help: Extracting Cut-List Info at Assembly Level

    John Lega

      Hello all,


      I am trying to extract information (via a note pointed at a weldment member) at the assembly level. I have inserted a Detailed BOM (which shows the cut-list info under the part number/name). Basically I woud like to be able to point to a structural member at the assembly level and have it give me information about it, such as member type, length, etc.


      As an example here is the callout we use for the job I am on now:





      The result from the above looks like this (as an example):


      PL 20x300



      I would like this same information in an assembly to avoid having to make so many drawings of each part. If I use the above syntax (boy, if that word does not tell my age....LOL) at the assembly level - it pulls in the DESCRIPTION in the Properties (such as the part name), not the cut-list properties.


      Thanks so much for your help.


      John Lega

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          Timothy Ganstrom

          Hi John,


             I am still trying to figure out how to get a note attached to a body in my view of the Weldment PART to show my custom properties of that Weldment cut list.


          Someone else told me it was not possible, but you seem to have figured it out.


          Where and how do you use this code you describe...


          $prpwld:"description"   or "length"  ?


          If I can get it to work on a drawing view of the weldment part, I will thank you very much.  And I will go write an enhancement request for SW to make that possible in an Assembly view that contains a weldment part.




          -Tim Ganstrom

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              John Lega



              Thanks for your reply. The Description and Length need to go on a weldment drawing (as a note). You must first insert a cut-list for it to work. As soon as you type in the last quote, the property should show up.  It's nice clean way to show things if you don't want to (or need to) provide any more detail than that. If you don't want a cut-list in the drawing - just put it outside the title block and HIDE it.


              Here's my work around for wht I was trying to do. Not what I wanted but it's good enough for now:


              Sheet 1 - Assembly of part (standard assembly drawing with no BOM).

              Sheet 2 - I inserted each individual part from the assembly as an isometric. I then used the DESCRIPTOIN and LENGTH callout after inserting a cut-list.


              I realized you cannot insert more than (1) cut-list per sheet, so I created a blank Sheet 3, inserted the first part along with a cut-list then drag both part and cut-list into Sheet 2 where it will finally reside. I went back to Sheet 3 and did the same for each subsequent part. So my Sheet 2 contains all parts shown as an isometric with the callouts I described above.


              I have found that Solidworks seems to need a lot of "work arounds". We do mainly weldments here (Masts, Derricks, Entire rigs really) and we can really tax Solidworks... let me know if you come up with something else. I have our VAR also working on it.


              PS: If you can't get it to work - send me a simple drawing with a weldment and I will put it on there and send it back. Let me know.