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Stress analysis simulation for motion

Question asked by Mohammed Awad on Mar 27, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2011 by Shrikant Savant


I have a 2 degree of freedom mechanism. I wanted to test the stress analysis for it during the motion under the forces, inertia, centrifugual force and gravity. I used motion analysis study to set the motors and external forces and gravity. Hence, I used simulation setup in motion study tab to chosse the components that I want to calculate the stress analysis during the movements. I set 20 simulation setup for 20 parts in the assembly in the same time. Hence, I used calculate simulation result to calculate stress analysis for all of them at the same time. My questions are:

1- Does that consider as dynamic stress analysis or static becuase I wanted to include all external, internal, gravity and inertia forces with time?

2- I wanted to show the mesh for all of the parts in assembly together, but when I edit the simualtion setup and under advanced it shows the mesh for each individual part when I chooses its simulation setup.

3- Could I generate a simulation report as in simulationxpress?

many thanks