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    Is this simulation possible?

    Connor Ferb

      I need to analyze the flow in a pan, and Solidworks is the only program available to me with fluid flow. I'm having trouble setting up the simulation though and I was wondering if it was possible. I need a simulation of how the fluid in the pan is effected when the roller rotates. So the fluid would not be flowing on it's own, only as a result of the roller moving. The purpose is to make sure there are no areas in the pan where the fluid remains static.




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          Bill McEachern

          I would say you could get a decent estimate using Flow. Put a wall where the water surface is - give it an ideal wall condition. Apply a moving surface (ie rotating wall condition not a rotating flow condition) condition to the roller. You may also need a small hole some where that you can put an atmospheric pressure bounday condition or you may get numerical instabilies - put it some palce not very interesting. Shoudl work fine.

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              Connor Ferb

              Alright cool, thanks. Now I'm having trouble getting it to run though. Bear with me here, this is my first time using flow so I'm not really familiar with it, this is what I tried:


              -Made a representative pan, as this one wasn't reading correctly and I read in another thread there's some problems with running it when it's thin like that, so it's a block with the shape of the inside cut out.

              -Put a lid over where the fluid sits with the lid generator

              -The fluid subdomain shows correctly now as fluid in the pan

              -Set an ideal wall condition on the bottom surface of the lid

              -Real wall condition on roller surface, rotating at 10 rad/s

              -Set goals to min, avg, max velocity


              2nd try(tried these alone and in combinations)

              -Added ideal wall condition for bottom surface of pan

              -Added water inlet and outlet with minimal mass flow rate, both on the inner surface of a lid. I know this won't be accurate but I was hoping to at least get it to run.

              -Added a hole for pressure. Also on the inner surface of a lid

              -Added an initial condition that the roller is not moving


              And now I can't get it to mesh, or of course run. What am I missing or doing wrong?


              EDIT: I had rotation checked as a physical feature, unchecked that and got it working fine