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Sketch Relations Stopped Working (SW2009)

Question asked by Dougal Hiscock on Mar 27, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

Sometime today my soildworks installation decided I didn't need sketch relations any-more.  I'm unable to add them to sketch entities.

Simple things like horizontal/vertical still exist and work, but selecting two arcs and tangent is not possible.  Nor is it possible to make a point coincident with a line, except for auto-relations, which sometimes work.  Everything had worked fine earlier in the same part, but now it doesn't work in sketches which did.


Model is attached, can someone else with SW2009 open it up and take a look.  The problem started with sketch 10 on extrude 14.  The problem has since regressed further up the design tree, sketch 9 on runner 1 worked fine originally but now doesn't.


Are there any settings I've inadvertently tripped?  I've restarted the computer twice with no change.