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    Richard Hall


      I am trying to do an admin checkin on some files in the vault added by another user.  In one case the files were dropped in the vault, not checked in and the computer was taken out of service.  I have 2 issues that I would like answers on if possible.


      1. Do I have to be logged in as admin on the computer in which the files reside locally to perform a forced checkin or can this be done over the network as long as I'm logged into the vault as admin?  Situation (user has a file that was placed in the vault, not checked in and the user is out on vacation.  As admin I want to check the file into the vault.)
      2. If the computer the files were on has been taken out of service and is unavailable, can the files in the vault be checked in?  I assume no, I just want to be sure of the actual functionality of EPDM.  If the files can be checked in, how?  I am logged in as admin, I get the check in prompt but I am unable to select any of the function checkboxes that allow me to perform the function.  I can perform a "delete" on the file just no checkin.


      Any help is appriciated.



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          Michael Dekoning



          Only the user who created or modified the file can check it in. Admin can only undo a check out which will rollback to the last existing file in the archive. If the file was never checked in then it won’t even exist in the archive. In that case, all that exists is the record in the database.



          EPDM2011 SP2

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            Ed Bogaard



            I don't think you can do a check in, but what I figured out is that you can undo a persons checkout as admin and that file will show as checked in. You can only do this on a files were just place into EPDM or just created. Of course if that user puts the file into EPDM and then makes some more changes to the file and you as admin do a undo checkout, EPDM will not save any of their changes. At least it's in EPDM for someone else to check out and work on. We are still on 2008 so can't say for other version. Just have someone drop in a new file from another pc and try it.


            Same goes for your #2 question. You can do an undo checkout and it will not save any the changes from the person that has it checked out.


            Also I think if you physically go over to their pc and log on as admin, you should be able to check their files in.



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              Einar Gulbrandsen

              Have this problem when: 1) after pc crash, 2) files checked out after employee leaves company or is on holliday


              To be able to do a "check in" or  a "undo check out" you have to use the built in admin user in PDM enterprise. No other user or group have sufficient rights to this.

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                Corey Vantilborg

                1. You can perform the check-in as Admin on the computer where the checked out files actually are regardless of what user checked them out.  However as Admin you will be given a dialogue box for each file, with no option to to say 'Yes to All'.  This is tedious.  Its far easier to just reset the users password and check-in as that user.


                2.  If the computer where the files were checked out is gone, then so are the files.  If the OS is just destroyed but you can access the files somehow, then there are work arounds.


                Corey Vantilborg

                Tigercat Industries

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                  Mal Cook

                  In our set up, and possibly generically in PDM STANDARD (unless there is a setting I've not seen) you cannot check in files if owned by someone else as admin user; we had a problem where we had a system crash whilst files were checked out. Once we resolved the system error (by turning off antivirus firewall incidentally), even though I was "me" logged in on the same PC, PDM thought they were checked out by "someone else"..

                  Only the following workflow worked:

                  1. Log in as admin; "undo checkout" on affected files.
                  2. Logout and back in as user, check out those files,
                  3. Copy files from backup if you are lucky enough to have them (check your autobackup file location) to the vault (overwrite)
                  4. Check them back in
                  5. Leave for the day as you are probably fried and in need of a stiff drink.

                  This way file history should be retained.

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                    Dan Schleicher


                           Item #1 has been answered. But I have had item #2 happen a few times where the computer is missing in action. I have tried it both ways to the following. Yes, I rolled back the file. This works but you lose the work done. The other way I tried was to delete the file and then restore it. Sometime a minimum of work is lost. Try it by check out something and making changes. Then go to another computer as an admin and delete it, then restore it.