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    Kadir Araz



      I have a problem. When I was start an analysis, I take "*.SL3 file is not found" error notification. If I convert to connection options (bonded) analysis can be run. But bonded connection is a wrong approach for my analysis.  My analysis should be "no penetration". But if I use no penetration connection type,  I take *.SL3 file is not found notification at right away.


      I take Intel(r) Visual Fortran run-time errorpage after pres ok SL3 file is not found noticifaciton.


      I' m using


      SolidWorks 2010 SP4.0 Premium Simulation Professional,

      Windows 7 64 bit

      Intel I7 2,8 GHZ

      16 GB RAM

      Quadro FX3800

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          Xin Tian


          I have met the same problem.  Does someone know how to solve it ?


          Thank you.

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              Jared Conway

              have you checked customerportal.solidworks.com > knowledge base? there are a couple of reports about this message.


              in my experience this happens when you are using no penetration and bolt connections. and the issue happens when they aren't defined properly.


              the other time i've experienced this is with a bad mesh.


              either one, i'd recommend troubleshoot by removing the no penetration and going to bonded, removing the bolted connections and slowly building up your assembly so that you can eliminate variables until you solve the problem/find the cause.