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Hardware config not changing in all upper level configs

Question asked by rusty drake on Mar 25, 2011

I'm putting together an assembly which has a few configurations (longer or shorter parts to make the variations).   Working along, I've found that I have the wrong length of a capscrew holding 2 parts together.  There are several configs of the capscrew, so I choose the appropriate items, right click, select the config needed, choose "all configs" (to assure all the different assemblies gets the same update) then OK.  The current assy config I'm in gets the change to the capscrew, but the other assembly configs do not.  So, go through the same motions but this time select "Specify Configurations" in the "Change Properties in:" window, choose "All Configs" and still no change in the other assy configs.  So that requires me to go to each assy config, select the capscrews and change them to the appropriate length within that specific assy, and so on to assure each assy has the correct length item.  What am I missing here, a setting somewhere?.  It used to be somewhat reliable (SW 2010), but only if you would select "Specific Configurations/Select All" in the "change properties in:" approach.  Choosing "All Configs" was somewhat spotty as it truely happening in all configs.


Running 2011 with Windows XP, 32 bit unit.  The guy sitting next to me, same system, his works fine.  What gives?