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STAR solver crashed

Question asked by Won Lek Chua on Mar 25, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2011 by Bill McEachern

We have constantly had this STAR solver crashed on the Solidworks Simulation, do you have any idea what should we do or what cause that?


To give some background and the attempts that we have tried:


1)      STAR always crashed at 54.5%.


2)      It crashed on the Windows XP 32 bit and now Windows 7 64 bit machine as well. (64bit machine is with 8GB memory).


3)      Crashed in Solidworks 2010 and also now Solidworks 2011 x64 edition SP2.0


4)      Crashed everytime when the model has No penetration contact set and the mesh is refined to reasonably high. Number of Element = 442787 and Number of nodes = 651145.


5)      We have checked the interference detection, no interference at all.


6)      (Sometimes with no penetration assembly, it is ok to finish it).


7)      I have saved the files and run at local folder, not network share folder.


8)      I have the administration rights to the computer.


9)      It is a assembly file. Single Part file is fine.


10)    We used "Automatic Solver" and "Automatic for incompatible bonding option".


11)    We didn't use "Improve accuracy for no penetration contact surface (slower)".


Any idea?