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BREAKING NEWS: New SW Vertical for Packaging design!!!

Question asked by 1-4EQZK9 on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2011 by Deepak Gupta

Okay, this is not an official thing, but it sure does look like the planets are in alignment lately... Brad Peebler over at Luxology brought to my attention the recent introduction of the Pack Kit for Modo. This is a great kit for anyone in the Packaging industry using SW - I know, because I've met many of you personally thru Customer Visits at your site or at a SWUG (Jonathan Ridley and Rob Rodriguez are you listening?) and know you struggle doing POP (point of purchase display) and having to populate them with all that goofy, swoopy packaging that you need to incase.


Well, like Dave Bowman in 2010 A Space Odyssey said "Something wonderful is about to happen"  you're prayers are about to be answered. You now can have an entire library of pre-made (but also customizable) packaging at your fingertips to use in SolidWorks!  That's right, I said SolidWorks, "But Mark, this is for Modo, isn't it?" Yeah, but because of tsElements for SolidWorks, a copy of tsElements, Modo and the Pack kit, you can have all of the below and more, available to you in SW as solid models. And not only that, they are all fully manipulative inside SW - i.e. you can resize and modify them inside SolidWorks. I painfully remember some of the work I did at IDEO years ago, designing packaging  for clients and what I wouldn't do to have something like this back then - I  could have saved hundreds of hours of work!


So here would be my work flow:


1) select PAK item/s from Modo

2) export .obj > SW /w tsElements

3) Design display etc. in SW

4) save SW design (minus pack Items)

5) Open Assembly in Modo

6) Render /animate with PAK item (with full labels and textures)


See here for more details.


WARNING:  not all these models will open into SW with tsElements - I found that some of them did not come in, but with a little bit of tweaking in Modo, I was able to correct them in order for them to import correctly. Turns out that some of the overlapping seams of polys need to be separated as well as removal of labels and liquid, so, just know that on some of them you're going to have to tweak them a bit for this "unorthodox" workflow, but I think it's worth it.


models in SW.jpg