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    SW 2011 SP2, Windows Taskbar Preview not working

    Mike Ramsey

      An engineer just demonstrated some strangeness to do with the Windows Taskbar Preview in Windows 7 x64.  We just deployed this system running SolidWorks 2011 SP2.

      When hovering over the SW application icon on the Taskbar, it seems to lose all the previews of the open files.  Maybe there are 4 files open, but only 1 preview displays.

      There also seems to be some required wait time before clicking on the preview or else the SW window does not open.

      I saw similar issues reported for SW 2010, but is anyone still experiencing on 2011?

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          Unspecified Unspecified

          Apparently they did not address this issue in all these years, as I am using SW 2013 SP3 with windows 7 64 bit and sometimes I miss one or more open files.

          When I press the "H" key I get all open files, so luckily there is a workaround.

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              Alan Sweetenham

              Unfortunately i do not have SolidWorks 2011 installed to test, but i do not believe it is a generic software issue. For me it works in 2012 SP5 and 2013 SP3. My first things to try would be to check  you running a supported graphics card, with the correct driver (check using SolidWorks Rx) and a windows Aero theme on the System. Running a non aero theme causes some graphics acceleration to be turned off in win 7.


              I cannot find any suggestions or specific SPR's on the SolidWorks knoweledgebase at the moment. Perhaps there is a particular workflow that causes the previews not to be displayed is there anything in particular they were doing at the time, workign siwth some combination fo parts, sketches, aseemblies, drawings etc?