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How to see the part in SW without closing design table Excel file

Question asked by E. Esirg on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2011 by Scott McFadden

Hello everybody,


I have been using SW for two moths, therefore I am still figuring out many of the features. I am trying to create a design table to create the parts automatically in SW. For example you write the radius and and it will create aoutomatically the pipe of that radius. So far I have done it. Design table works good too.  My question is: Is there any options to see the parts created in SW based on the parmeters in the design table (Excel file) WITHOUT CLOSING the excel file evertime? I mean I change the paramter and update it and see the part in SW, change it againg see it again, but I do not want to close the excel file everytime. After I decide the part is correct then I want to close the design table (Excel file).


Secon question. Is there any way that I can read the volume of the part (pipe in my case) in the design table. Just to show the volume in one cell of the excel file not to change it. In SW I can see it by clicking Mass Porperties but I try to see it in my design table after I change the parameters.


Thank you for your help in advance