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Managing Toolbox in EPDM

Question asked by Rodney Michels on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2011 by Rodney Michels

Hi All,


We have currently purchase EPDM and are going through an evaluation\testing process before we go live.  I really want to take advantage of managing toolbox inside the vault, but I am running into a few concerns after setting it up to manage it. Do we have to keep the SWBrowser.mdb file local at all times?  If so, does EPDM "Get latest Version" when it sees a change?  Hopefully I give you all the info you need to help me figure what where I am going wrong.


Admin Tool Setup:






Folder Permissions


I think that is all the information you need from the Admin Tool.  When I launch SolidWorks, I receive this message.


Then trying to create a Hole Wizard Feature, I receive this message.


I know it should get the database by itself, but it's not.  I can "Get Lastest Version" myself and check it out.