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Hole Wizard with Multi-body Parts

Question asked by James Hutchins on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2011 by Deepak Gupta

I was wondering if it was possible to keep the hole wizard data with a part that was saved from a multi-body part.


What I’ve done is create a multi-body part containing 6 core components.  All of my fastener holes are inserted at this level.  I’ve then used the “save bodies” to create discrete parts.  These parts are then used in a regular assembly, which is fully detailed with many other parts.  This is my first real attempt at using multi bodies, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing it as intended.


My problem is now that I’m ready to create drawings for the discrete parts, I’m realizing that the hole wizard data from the multi-body assembly isn’t present in the part.   The cosmetic threads do appear, but many are in the wrong spot.  For example, blind tapped holes have the cosmetic thread at the top of the hole in the multi-body part, but in the saved part the cosmetic thread is at the bottom of the hole.  Since it’s embedded in the part, it doesn’t show up in the drawing.   I can add new cosmetic threads and then manually enter the drawing callouts, but obviously that’s not ideal.


I realize that I could add the hole wizard features at the discrete part level, but that greatly reduces the value of the original multi-body part.  I could also create the drawings for each body of the multi-body part, but my company uses part numbers for file names, and this would give me 6 different drawings referencing the same part.  Perhaps this is the intended method, but realistically I can see this confusing the heck out of the next guy who needs to revise one of these parts.


Any tips or suggestions for how to handle this?  At this point, I’m definitely seeing the benefits of designing multi-body, but I’m afraid to release it into the wild like this.  Thanks.