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    Random Toolbars Appearing

    Brad Joseph

      I'm sure others have had this problem. Since i've had the same problem at my old company and here. I use Command Manager, and occasionaly i use a sheet metal or weldment toolbar that are not in the Command Manager. Aside from that typically no other tool bar. But when i open drawings, assemblies or parts, occasionaly the Fastening Feature Toolbar just pops up. As I've never used it ever, i can't understand. I've saved the file with it closed and saved settings. But it never seems to affect it. This has always seemed to be an annoyance since SW 2007 when i first started. Its gotten to be less frequent since then, but has anyone ever had a solution for this? Or i say in one of the past disucssions SolidWorks said "there is no issue."

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          Glenn Schroeder

          Brad Joseph wrote:


          occasionaly the Fastening Feature Toolbar just pops up.

          That happens to me maybe once a week or so.  I just close it and keep going.

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            Filipe Venceslau

            Hi Brad,


            As Glenn mentioned...it only happens to me once a week as well..(if not less). I personally just close it and move on (I have bigger issues with solidworks..lol).


            It seems to be a glitch...and it may be getting carried over from your old settings...(especially if you've imported your setting from 07/08/09/10,etc..).

            You can try cleaning the "Solidworks 20XX" registry keys...which have all your settings responsible for these actions (don't forget to backup first - backing up the current version is enough). These keys are located under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\".


            It's ok to delete all the "Solidworks 20XX"...you will obviously loose all your settings, but solidworks will simply start a new and clean profile...then you will have to setup your settings from scratch (you can still open your setting backup files in notepad to check your old values...but don't import them with the wizard, cause if there is anything wrong with them, they will simply be re-introduced as soon as you re-import them).


            Or if you understand the basics behind these settings saved in the regedit...explore key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2011\User Interface\" and subkey "Toolbars"...


            If any of this was over your head...please ignore...as there is a big risk of damaging the system registry keys permanently!