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Random Toolbars Appearing

Question asked by Brad Joseph on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2021 by Jerod Jerod

I'm sure others have had this problem. Since i've had the same problem at my old company and here. I use Command Manager, and occasionaly i use a sheet metal or weldment toolbar that are not in the Command Manager. Aside from that typically no other tool bar. But when i open drawings, assemblies or parts, occasionaly the Fastening Feature Toolbar just pops up. As I've never used it ever, i can't understand. I've saved the file with it closed and saved settings. But it never seems to affect it. This has always seemed to be an annoyance since SW 2007 when i first started. Its gotten to be less frequent since then, but has anyone ever had a solution for this? Or i say in one of the past disucssions SolidWorks said "there is no issue."