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    Requirement for VMWare Support

    Corey Vantilborg

      My company is current investigating some IT infrastructure upgrades.  One of things that we discoved is the the Enterprise Archive servers have an extremely low server utilization. As such they make a good candidate for a virtual machine.


      When I look for Solidworks' take on the matter there is some confusion.  First is S-03943 which states, "The PDMWorks server must be installed on a real server." Then there is SPR454511 which asks for documentation about virtual machines and was implemented in 2008 SP5.0.  However I can't find that documentation.


      How many people out there are using SEPDM in a virtual machine? How many people would want to if Solidworks supported it?


      I really think the archive servers make ideal candidates to be virtualized.


      Corey Vantilborg

      Tigercat Industries